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Candidate for mayor!

There are early elections on the horizon, but I have not seen as November 22, 2015 to the Parliament, 2019 will be held from today I declare that I am a candidate for mayor ..
Do not say where did!
11 months of the Sultan of Ramadan-i-Sharif came .. I wish good words letter today, but this mayoral candidacy when it comes to think: today I made my own ad .. will do, I will make my relatives I tell rent to you ..
Turkey is a candidate for president will not find me open oral municipality ..
I was elected mayor of the day:
I cried the master of the nation ..
Çarık- caries, in front of the party last tumbling, retired, dying, if the smarmy entered into a pillar Kabura I will give all the municipalities in business, as well as high maaş’l .. When I led to the death make them happy on the last day ..
Our party from the people who elected member of Parliament, to close within the party, the children in our municipal jobs! Our municipality will serve the public, will serve cringing .. today I am writing this frank, you know, to keep this commitment in writing ..
Selection process of a child will give jobs to everyone who worked with us ..
The printing works of the municipality, relatives, my friends, the party’s smarmy, my supporters,! I’ll make you win by at least 5 times more than their money .. charge
During this period, I have to reveal their rich ..
The construction works of the municipality: the contractor who will give our Party candidates say they enjoy spending even choose to give to at least twice the wage ..
If our party nominates me: Ad advertising works, subscribe to jobs, partisan media, or the mayor will give me the best employees who choose to reporters in Turkey ..
Journalists who would enliven with me, I would eliminate contradictory to me, burn my man .. I’m not the right to live in this town ..
My party came to me to make money, I’ll give you what they want to cringing ..
Me, so I do not expect any drastic one project, all income to my followers, I would deploy my service with them cringing .. ..
Who applauded us: a pre-election package, a package during Ramadan, while the winter will give charcoal, wood, like me they elect the mayor ..
I’ll give municipalities the opportunity to serve the people of Kahramanmaras to cringing around me .. this is not the secular public services ..
I’m going with my smarmy rich everyone: a hand that had a hand in the honey oil ..
People’s lives hell! I would not serve the public and serve brother .. party to kin relatives around me cringing ..
Gaziantep and other provinces of example to me: I will give the salary to at least 5 thousand municipal resources ..
I did very well at the cultural service: I suppress the work of my supporters, I do books, at least 5 times to earn money directly with the smarmy temida sanctions over priced ..
Mayoral candidate if I would do it if you want I can give much more of a commitment from the notary ..
Turkey’s best mayor I will: Bravo to those who say fat – I pour honey over the business of the former town mayor, overcome business to his sons not daughters, not in the vicinity, close to the children of the city council member, I will give over business to everyone who greet passes in front of our Party.
I project a lot: I head like poison, but do not use the terms of service, I convey my friends municipal resources, you can not deny that he received from the hands of God and pray bed? I’m also today ..
My dear friends: Country roads, underpasses, overpasses so do not ask me, I work efficiency to overcome them pro .. bread yield, I can not rob the municipal public service is not safe is not the president on me ..
Maras date in municipal president I’ll be the best soy, our party data If you have served us How robbery appears to me then?
Theft and robbery one day I tell my project tomorrow to discuss what I wrote, I say that’s enough for today
“It has taken courses in the spelling”
Have a nice day ..

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