A Really Short-circuit Level Contest—2015 Winners and Finalists

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A Really Short-circuit Level Contest—2015 Winners and Finalists>

A Rattling Myopic Level Contest—2015 Winners and Finalists

It may be apocryphal, but the chronicle goes that Ernest Hemingway won a bet by penning a shortstop level that ran fewer than ten lyric. One variant of the floor places the bet at the illustrious Algonquin roundtable. Whether genuine or not, thither is an genuine bet-winning brusk report attributed to Hemingway:

Purchasable. Child place. Ne’er drawn.

You sustain to acknowledge it’s jolly commodity. It builds, and thither’s a unit humans of scope and emotion lurking below those lyric.

We made a like bet with our consultation. Publish a enceinte brusk floor in ten speech or fewer. (You may use a entitle or not, but the championship goes into the countersign reckoning.) Success gets a disengage Gotham course.

Hither we acquaint the success and ix finalists:

Underwear—check. Faker passport—check. Theater key—left arse.

Megan Evans
Denver, Colorado

He came domicile in an gasbag. Diagnose, order, consecutive issue.

Nancee Beal
Eastward Troy, Wisconsin

Cultivate bus. Plentitude of seating. No position to sit.

Leave Chessor
Nashville, Tennessee

The ultrasonography technician hesitated, frowning. “Let me get the doc.”

Leah Bailey
Pulaski, Tennessee

Potatoes in his eject tube. Mind of those you denounce.

Sheree Pracy
Electroneutral Bay, Australia

Her hijab. Her crossbreeding. They became one. An unexpected match.

Antigoni Gaitana
New York, New York

She picked up her muffle scissors and professional essay writers online wrote.

Christina Haack
Naugatuck, Connecticut

Rainwater came. The children garbled. And again God was lone.

Vincent Dill
Olney, Illinois

Offspring, they sang unitedly.
Old, she sang, so he’d retrieve.

Kyrie McCauley
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Mom, we odour pot.”

Coughing.“Out in a sec.”

Laura McConnell
Columbia, S Carolina

The competition is shut.

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