A discipline of dermatophytoses in Hamadan, the governmentship of Westward Iran

Anasayfa Genel 26 Ocak 2017
A discipline of dermatophytoses in Hamadan, the governmentship of Westward Iran>

A sketch of dermatophytoses in Hamadan, the governmentship of Westward Iran

Mention this clause as: Omidynia, E. Farshchian, M. Sadjjadi, M. et al. Mycopathologia (1996) 133: 9. doi:10.1007/BF00437093

In club to influence the extent and causative agents of dermatophytoses in the Hamadan neighborhood of W Iran; a bailiwick was made during a 9-month menstruation from October 1991 to June 1992. A aggregate of 7495 individuals were studied of whom 681 (9%) were funny of having dermal mycoses. Among them dermatophytoses were the commonest infections (259/681=38%). Of 259 individuals septic with dermatophytes, roundworm capitis were discovered in 163 (62.9%); t. corporis in 27 (10.4%); t. manuum and t. cruris in 19 (7.3%) apiece; t. barbae and faciei in 14 (5.4%); t. pedis in 13 (5%) and t. unguium in 4 (1.5%). A totality of 144 patients yielded dermatophyte cultures. The frequence of the quarantined species in decreasing fiat was as follows: Trichophyton verrucosum. 78 (54.1%); T. schoenleinii. 48 (33.3%); Microsporum canis. 8 (5.5%); Epidermophyton floccosum. 5 (3.5%); T. mentagrophytesand M. gypseum. 2 (1.4%) apiece; T. tonsurans. 1 (0.7%). Lastly, the virtually predominant dermatomycosis therein realm was t. capitis with the infecting broker of T. schoenleinii.

Dermatophytoses Tineas Dermatophytes Hamadan Iran


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  • M. Farshchian
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    • M. Sadjjadi
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      • A. Zamanian
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        • R. Rashidpouraei
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            1. 1. Section of Parasitology Mycology, Civilise of Medicate Hamadan University of Aesculapian Sciences Hamadan Iran
            2. 2. Section of Dermatology, Schooling of Medication Hamadan University of Aesculapian Sciences Hamadan Iran

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