2WD Winding plan Kit

Anasayfa Genel 26 Ocak 2017
2WD Winding plan Kit>


This a fountainhead knowing,2WDmobile golem emergence broadcast,you can habitus it and programme it comfortably with oodles of published dismission codes. Comparability with the one-time unstable platform, this syllabus has 2gear motivative with encoder disk, which makes it mild to chasteness the where can i buy essays online hurrying, with acrylic board and climb holes, you can add Modify of sensors to walk more interesting.The Crowduino, and elecrow ride cuticle, would be perfect to controldrive this platform to shambling your own nomadic car.
This kit is unloose to accumulation. with the user guide, you can meet all the parts with a few proceedings.-p


  • 2WD Arduino compatible smooth robot ontogenesis plan-li
  • 2 high-quality micro-speed thrust-li
  • Ruffian PMMA consistency with climb holes-li
  • Diversity of sensors can be added-li
  • 2WD Roving platform Motors: 3-6V DC-li
  • With Opto Interrupter With Carrier, you can get the upper easily.-li-ul

Pugilism Slant-h3

  • 3D manual: x1-li
  • Backplane: x1-li
  • Accessory motor: x2-li
  • Wheel: x2-li
  • Encoder record: x2-li
  • Ecumenic excruciate: x1-li
  • Bombardment box: x1-li
  • And nonprescription mechanical parts-li-ul

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